Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Candy Cake

Inspired by this:

I made these:

I made five of them for the cake walk at our church Trunk-or-Treat party last night. They look deceptively difficult but are in fact, a breeze.

I used two 6" cake rounds stacked on top of each other (you can get the pans at your local WalMart) and 14 fun-size Kit-Kats for each cake. I iced the layers with my favorite chocolate icing and then just stuck the candy bars on the sides and candy corn on top.  (If you try this, I would recommend sticking the Kit-Kats in the freezer before handling. It made them much easier to unwrap and put on the cake without getting fingerprints all over them.)

With very little work, I had some totally awesome small cakes for the cake walk.

Happy Halloween!

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