Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family Recipes ~ The Easiest One Ever

I thought I would start with the simple and easy recipes first.

Now all two of my readers might be wondering, "What does a stick of butter with a finger swipe out of it have to do with family recipes*?" However, if either of you grew up in my house, you know exactly what it has to do with family recipes.

You see, my former-father was notorious for eating butter. By the spoonful, the fingerful, the what-ever-was-convenient-ful. Just plain butter. Not butter on toast. Or butter melted over veggies or potatoes.  Or butter as part of another recipe. Just butter, straight up. Certainly I had my own gastronomic idiosyncrasies, but this is one Family Recipe I can proudly admit that I have never tried.

I think this recipe is so easy it speaks for itself so I won't bother including instructions.

Just be on the look out for Scalloped Potatoes in the next day or two. My gorgeous sis Melynie requested that recipe way back in January and I fully intended to put it together for her birthday at the end of that month but here it is...April.  Can I blame it on this pregnancy? Has that excuse worn thin yet? At any rate, I am excited and pleased to be able to do it for her, even if it is a very belated birthday present.

Smooches -


* As further evidence that genetics do in fact play a role in an individual's behavior, this picture is actually one that was taken after The Professor helped himself to some butter I had sitting on the counter getting soft for another recipe. When I asked him about it, he declared that he couldn't help himself because it was so good! Remember, this is a child who has never met his biological grandfather and so there is no way he learned his love of butter by watching other people eat it. Plain.


  1. That's kind of funny and kind of gross!! At dinner the other night Sydney got frustrated while buttering her bread and tried to just eat the butter...YUCK!!!!

  2. The affinity for butter (my offspring have it too) and trains. I just don't understand.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog, Melynda.

  3. LOL! So glad it isn't just my boy. Butter and trains...I don't understand either.